Balnagown and Glen Ardan Shetland Studs usually run approximately 12 mares, all carefully selected for conformation, type and quality. We do not breed all of the mares every year. Below is a selection of our lovely mares.


 Wandarra Pippen, Corinley Rita (23 years) and Balnagown Emerald (above)

Koolangatha Thomas
 Corinley Rita  
Corinley Rosina

Shady Glen Conrad
 Balnagown Miss Muffet (above)  
Corinley Rita

Wells Rising Star (imp)
 Wandarra Pleasure  (above)  
Koolangatha Perpetual
Shady Glen Conrad
 Balnagown Jezabeel  (above)  
Balnagown Jasmine

Balnagown Sequin, and Koolangatha Ershula (24 years) -above

Shady Glen Cameron
 Koolangatha Ershula   
Koolangatha Everlyn


Fenwick Seaton
 Balnagown Sequin            
Balnagown Sparkle

(above) Corinley Peggy, Balnagown Jezabeel, Balnagown MacGregor, and Tara Park Lucinda

Koolangatha Presence
 Corinley Peggy  
Avonleigh Patches


Fenwick Molly, Fenwick Sugar 'n Spice, Balnagown Miss Muffet (above) 

Tara Park Macgregor
 Tara Park Lucinda   
Fenwick Lucille

Millbrae Gazette
 Colvadale Showgirl  (above)
Avenel Park Samsara



Shady Glen Conrad
 Balnagown Emerald   (above)  
Koolangatha Ershula


Millbrae Gazette
Colvadale Signature (above)  
Avenel Park Samsara


Redacres Simon
Woodview Amber  (left)  
Woodview Exquisite
Wells Rising Star (imp)
Shady Glen Farrah  
Shady Glen Fleur
Pentland Mollasses
Pentland La Diva (above)  
Pentland Little Della
Fenwick Marcus
 Fenwick Envy (above)  
Fenwick Erin

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