2014 Foals


Balnagown Elegance

Black filly to mature 10.2hh

Sire - Wandarra Pippen

Dam - Balnagown Emerald

Balnagown Grace

Black filly to mature 9.2hh


Sire - Lentara Armadeua

Dam - Kinross Justa lil Silver Spray

Glen Ardan Mackayla

Black filly to mature 10hh


Sire - Wandarra Stardom

Dam - Torrieburn Magic


Glen Ardan Campbell

Chestnut colt to mature 10.1hh


Sire - Daniel Park Nightstalker

Dam - Yeo Lodge Carrie


Glen Ardan Rascal

Piebald Colt to mature 10.2hh


Sire - Colvadale Reflection

Dam - Glen Ardan Rivette


Glen Ardan Hannah

Black filly to mature 10.1hh


Sire - Shamara Vijay

Dam - Lentara Harmony


Balnagown Bonnie Lad

Black Colt


Sire - Colvadale Reflection

Dam - Balnagown Lullaby


Balnagown Seamus

Black colt to mature 9.3hh


Sire - Wandarra Pippen

Dam - Lentara Sunrise


Glen Ardan Vitari

Black colt to mature 10.1hh


Sire - Garwon Rhema

Dam - Colvadale Signature


Glen Ardan Tic Tac

Black colt to mature 10.2hh


Sire - Balnagown Macneil

Dam - Tara Park Topaz


Glen Ardan Tumblebug

Black filly to mature 9.2hh


Sire - Koolangatha Tumbleweed

Dam - Kristamoor Lodge Shannondoah

Glen Ardan Jubilee

Black Filly to mature 9.2hh


Sire - Koolangatha Tumbleweed

Dam - Balnagown Jezabeel


Balnagown Lil Dixie

Black filly to mature 9.3hh.


Sire - Balnagown Macneil

Dam - Pentland La Diva

All Shetland foals offered for sale are subject to a $250 non-refundable deposit to secure the sale, with the balance of the purchase price to be paid before collecting the foal on weaning.

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